Mayfly Award

Mayfly Award 2013 by Michael BestwickThe Pennsylvania Abandoned Mine Reclamation (AMR) Conference’s coveted “Mayfly Award” recognizes individuals who have dedicated a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to the reclamation of abandoned mines in Pennsylvania.  The mayfly was selected as the symbol for this award because its presence in a stream signifies clean water.

The tradition of giving out the “Mayfly Award” started with the 2007 Conference and the list of Awardees has grown to represents a group of distinguished individuals.
Mayfly Dun by Steve Kardos
2007 – R. John Dawes & Louise Dunlap

2008 – Margaret Dunn & Russ Wagner

2009 – Dr. Robert S. Hedin, Ph. D. & Dr. Arthur Rose

Mayfly Award 2012 by Michael Bestwick

2010 – J. Scott Roberts

2011 – Dave Hess

2012 – Bernard J. McGurl & Robert Eppley

2013 – Bruce Leavitt

Who will the Awardee(s) be this year?  Come to the Conference to find out!


Each Mayfly Award is a unique piece of art.  Our current artist is:

Michael Bestwick
3020 Old Route 422 East
Fenelton, PA 16034

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