AMR Film Festival planning Underway

“Abandoned Mine Reclamation seems to be a hot topic in Pennsylvania and in the greater Appalachian Region these days.”  I think those of us in the AMR Community have always known this, but more and more documentaries and educational series are being produced to get the general public to and weigh in on the issues as well.

This year, the AMR Conference Committee is hosting the first AMR Film Festival on June 26th at the 2014 AMR Conference.  As the Golfers and Spelunkers are off on their “Extra Conference Activities” thursday afternoon, the AMR Conference Planning Committee wanted to provide conference attendees with an activity where they didn’t have to pay extra or have to leave the Conference Center.

The films include:

“An Appalachian Tale” – Thesis video by   poses the question: “As we deal with consequences of the past, isn’t our own legacy something we should consider?”  Historic coal mining footage fades into present day passive and active treatment of mining’s legacy.

“Centralia-America’s Lost Town”  – from Joe Sapienza II
A small town is overcome by a massive underground coal fire in 1962. After many attempts to put out the fire unsuccessfully, the fire grew bigger and moved under the town. As a result hundreds of residents had to be relocated. Today, the town consists of three families who refused to leave, one Municipal building, and dozens of empty streets, sidewalks, and foundations of where buildings once stood.

“WaterWise” – The WVIA-TV Original Documentary Film Series, produced in partnership with The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, takes viewers to some of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful natural environments, to see how common people are combating the consequences of fresh water pollution.

  • Part 1 – “WaterWise: Preserving Western Pennsylvania’s Watersheds”
  • Part 2 – “WaterWise: Preserving Central Pennsylvania’s Watersheds”

An encore showing is in planning after dinner thursday night for the Golfers and Spelunkers who may have missed the initial showing.